Ten Holiday Home Improvements That Take Less Than 4 Days

So, the holidays are here. You’re hosting. If you’re thinking of ways to spruce up your home, but hesitant because of the time crunch, you needn’t be. 

We at Remodel Installers put together a list of great ideas that typically take less than a few days. We have short wait times, not because we’re not in demand, but because we’re fast. And we aren’t fast because we rush, but because of our system. We perform remodel *installations*, typically for high-end clients, who have selected what they want. We bypass the General Contractor fuss and cost and put in what you’ve selected.

Our work includes hardwood, engineered flooring, tile (flooring, tub wrap-arounds and back splashes), trim and finish carpentry, counter tops, and paint. We work in subcontracting areas without a GC, and therefore cut costs. We have no materials markup. We are smart, fast, college-educated.

And we’re here to say we have some great ways you can punch-up your home’s appeal, in anticipation of your holiday guests, in just a couple days or less.

Note: This isn’t our work, but is for illustrative purposes only. Our work is this good, but it’s already been featured, and we needed new photos. Perhaps your home can go in our portfolio.

10) Fix Your Walkway And Lighting. So obvious, it’s often overlooked. Not just a safety concern, but it’s the introduction to your home. Likely you’ve managed to maintain dry rotted fascia boards and dead grass, but your walkway may need some TLC. Takes about a day.

Cost – $500 to $1,750 depending on the type and extent of repairs.

9) Paint Or Resurface Kitchen Cabinets and Doors. This is extremely cost-effective, about 1/6 the cost of replacing your cabinets and counter tops. Takes about 3 days.

Cost – $80 per door, $140 per cabinet, not counting new hardware.

8) Install Crown Molding. A very nice finishing touch for your home. Also, about a day per room (cut, installed, puttied, sanded and painted).

Cost – $750 to $1,250 per room, depending on room size and ceiling height.

7) Coffered Ceiling. These are growing in popularity; they tend to break up an otherwise dull space. Depending on the number of rooms and room size, and the complexity of the design, a coffered ceiling can go up in about 4 days.

Cost – $2,000 to $4,250 per room.

6) Tile Floor. Self-evidently game-changing. We recommend getting away from conventional tile, but still selecting something deeper than a fad, that can add lasting value to your home. Typically a 300 square foot tile floor might take 2 – 4 days take another half day to grout.

Cost – $10 to $15 per square foot, not including demolition of any existing floor, or floor molding removal/replacement.

5) Hardwood Floor (Engineered/Veneer or Solid). This also sells itself, and we haven’t seen one that didn’t pay for itself immediately, in terms of value added to a home. Depending on the subfloor and demolition, the starting point for time required can be as few as a couple days.

Cost – $6 to $8 per square foot, not including demolition of any existing floor, or floor molding removal/replacement.

4) Kitchen Counter Tops and/or Back-Splashes. Another subtle but game-changing decorative touch. Typically done in a couple days.

Counter Tops: Cost – $750 to $2,000 for fabricated granite or quartz.

Back-Splash: Cost – $500 to $1,250 depending on the square feet.

3) Paint. New paint, trim paint, or an accent wall can change the whole feel of a room or floor. You don’t want this done cheaply. Even when it’s done properly, it seldom takes more than a half-day per room.

Cost – $500 to $750 per room.

2) New Fireplace/Mantle. Great gathering place improvement. We haven’t seen one yet that didn’t go over like gangbusters. Takes about 4 days.

Cost – $1,500 to $3,500 depending on materials and design complexity.

1) Window Casings. You don’t notice these are missing until they go up. Chances are you’ve gotten used to missing them, but, like a handkerchief, in the right circles, they make all the difference. We’ve completed as many as 16 of these in a few days.

Cost – $250 to $400 per window for full casing (sill, jambs, head). Just trim is roughly half this (for install, sand, prime, paint).

Take your home next-level this holiday, and reach out.