Patio ‘Refresh’, Alameda, CA, October, 2019

‘Paleo Living’ Is Bringing Rugged Past To The Functional Present, And The Win Is In Contrasting Colors, Forms, And Materials

This project was begun in March, and was aimed at making more use of outdoor living space in an Alameda, California two-story Victorian. The owner had spent some money remodeling, and had a storage shed sitting on a gorgeous reclaimed brick patio. Unfortunately, the shade and years had caused moss to grow over the patio.

We used bleach and a pressure washer to expose the gorgeous brick work.

However, it was missing some touches. Grass, for starters. And plants. The owner also had a BBQ grill that needed some TLC…

They settled on a repurposed fire pit, and some semi-circular benches, to add warmth and usability to the hardscape. When the grass came in, it was a night-and-day difference from before.

And finally Edison lights.